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Rev Sass Adams

Interfaith Minister & Social Media Mentor

Welcome to my world of diverse expertise and heartfelt connections. As a multifaceted professional, I blend spiritual counselling, social media management, and fear of success training to provide unique support and growth opportunities.

In 2022, I became an ordained Onespirit Interfaith Minister. With a spiritual and compassionate approach, I bring wisdom gained from my experience as a spiritual counsellor to all aspects of my work. I believe in providing guidance that nourishes the soul and helps individuals find their authentic path.

Through my journey in social media management, I've collaborated with diverse clients, including small businesses, charities, faith organisations, coaches, and wellness practitioners. With a keen eye for digital storytelling and a deep understanding of various platforms, I help clients authentically connect with their audience, amplify their message, and create an engaging online presence that fosters growth and community.

Let's explore how my diverse expertise can benefit you on your unique path. Book a 30-minute discovery call, and together, we'll unlock the doors to your true potential and create a roadmap to your authentic success.


A Bit More About Sass...

Onespirit Ministry

Ordained in 2022 by the Onespirit Interfaith Seminary, UK. The training involved spiritual counselling, crafting interfaith ceremonies, and personal growth. 

CLICK HERE for the Code of Ethics which Sass ascribes to.

Certificates and Awards

BA (Hons) Religious Studies
MA Indic Spiritual Traditions
PGCE (secondary) Religious Education 

Certificate in Self-harm and Suicide Prevention

Fear of Success Certified Trainer 


Yoast SEO Certified

CoE WordPress Certified

Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate
Certificate in Customer Service and Administration

Work Background

I bring a diverse work background that spans various industries. With experience as an event facilitator, marketer, and space holder for Cygnus books, I have honed my skills in creating engaging and seamless experiences. As an RE teacher for secondary schools on the south coast, I have developed a deep understanding of the educational landscape. Additionally, my expertise in social media and marketing has been refined over 7 years as a marketing assistant to an executive. I am passionate about utilising these skills to help small spiritual businesses thrive in today's digital age.

A little more about me...

* Neurodivergent - ADHD, Dyslexia, CPTSD
* I'm passionate about inclusivity and diversity
* I use She/they/them pronouns
* I am an eternal 'beginner' artist and crafter
* I have at least 3 books on the go at any given time
* I am an active interfaith minister, providing spiritual counselling and ceremony
* I've enjoyed writing, directing, and producing several pantomimes for local theatre

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